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Laser Resurfacing

Probably the best overall skin rejuvenation procedure that exists

Venus Medical - Laser Resurfacing

The results of laser resurfacing can be transformational. It is one of the most effective ways to clear skin of sun damage and uneven pigmentation, improve texture, reduce lines and wrinkles and brighten the complexion.  

We have two fractional CO2  lasers at our clinic. These are state of the art lasers that replace older, conventional CO2 lasers that required longer downtime. 


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No. of sessions


Treatment time

70 min

Recovery time

7 days


Face, neck, eyelids

Treatment step by step

  • Dr Prendergast will show you a simulation of laser resurfacing with 3D imaging before you decide to undergo the treatment so you can see the benefits for yourself. We offer three peel levels at Venus Medical:
    • Level 1:  For younger skin. A topical anaesthetic cream is applied for 45 minutes before the skin is resurfaced with the laser
    • Level 2 (most popular): Mature skin. Dr Prendergast numbs your face using nerve blocks for comfort. The laser peel is moderately deep in order to get more dramatic effects.
    • Level 3: Aged, severely weathered skin: After oral sedation, numbing injections are used to provide a painless procedure. A deeper peel is used to tighten skin and yield maximum results, whilst also removing pigmentation on the surface.
  • The entire face can be treated with laser resurfacing, including the eyelids.


  • Aftercare, lasting approximately seven days, is very important after laser resurfacing.   
  • Detailed instructions are provided once you book your treatment. 
  • Your face feels hot for the first day, during which you can apply cold soaks.
  • Cleansing and application of Vaseline as a skin barrier is required for a week, after which you can apply sun protection and makeup. 
  • Dr Prendergast will prescribe some tablets to prevent infection for a week. 
  • The recovery period is not painful. 
  • Results are visible after one week, and improve continuously for up to three months.