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treatments for skin pigmentation in Dublin at Venus Medical

Clearing unwanted pigmentation using lasers, peels, or topical cosmeceuticals brightens the skin and gives a clearer complexion.  Pigmentation that is uneven or patchy is usually caused by an excess production of melanin, or brown pigmentation in the skin. Of course the tendency to freckling is hereditary, but brown spots can also be caused by hormones, medications, sun exposure and aging. In order to determine the distribution and severity of pigmentation, we first use our imaging cameras.  Then we can show you how your skin would look if it was cleared of most unwanted pigmentation. Your options for clearing pigmentation are discussed and a treatment plan is devised. This includes a plan for pigmentation prevention in the future using topicals and sun protection factor.

Treatments for pigmentation

Prescribed topicals

Is it worth treating the pigmentation?

Studies reveal that attractiveness improves when the skin is more even in colour. One option is to wear concealer and thick make-up. However, having an even, more beautiful skin tone is far more desirable and affords you the possibility of only wearing makeup when you want to, rather than concealing blemishes and brown spots just to look better.

Will creams work?

Yes, but not many creams work well. That’s why at Venus Medical we only use high-strength topicals, including prescription-strength creams that cannot be found or purchased outside of the medical setting.  We’ll explain which creams work and what’s best for you during the skin consultation. Creams that include high strength vitamin C, Tretinoin, Hydroquinone and other actives may be advised as stand-alone therapy or as part of a programme of treatments to remove and clear pigmentation.

Which is better, a chemical peel or laser peel?

A chemical peel is a great choice to clear superficial brown spots, but might require more than one peel and will not tighten the skin. A laser peel will remove brown spots and also help fine lines, because the heat of the CO2 laser stimulates collagen contraction. Dr Prendergast will explain each and decide with you what will yield beautiful results.

Do chemical peels really peel the skin properly?

It depends on the ingredients of the chemical applied to the skin. At Venus Medical we have very light peels that have very little downtime if you can’t afford to be peeling for a few days.  These peels will require 3-4 peels for best results. We also use stronger acids such as trichloroacetic acid (TCA) that will visibly peel the skin for 5-7 days.

What is IPL?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is technically not a laser at all, but a strong flashlight that has a filter to heat up and target the top layer of skin. Usually IPL devices are not nearly as powerful as lasers and not as selective for certain discolourations in the skin. We use peels and lasers at Venus Medical to treat brown spots and hyperpigmentation rather than IPL.

Can the back of the hands be treated?

Yes, removing brown spots on the back of the hands is a very rejuvenating treatment and an area that is sometimes forgotten. For harmony, it’s a good idea to treat areas off the face as well as removing pigmentation in the face. The VBeam laser is excellent in targeting brown spots on the hands and chest area or décolletage.

Will the pigmentation come back?

Sun exposure will increase the likelihood of brown spots returning and new spots from forming, particularly if you have fair skin. Part of the skin consultation and reviews at Venus Medical includes preventive therapies, including effective topicals that you use at home that will protect your skin and keep it clear. If you are disciplined with the recommended regimes, repeat treatments with lasers and peels are not required very often.

Is it safe to peel away brown spots?

You will be assessed during a consultation in order to determine if removing pigmentation with peels is the best option. If an area of pigmentation has recently changed, darkened, or become inflamed or itchy, this will need to be investigated.

How can I be sure the treatments work?

We use cutting edge imaging technology and cameras to quantitatively assess and measure improvement in pigmentation following treatments. You can see for yourself the incredible results that are achieved with the treatments available at Venus Medical. However, usually you don’t need sophisticated cameras to tell you how good you look. Your friends will tell you!

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.