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The only FDA-approved technology that lifts skin non-invasively

The only FDA-approved technology that lifts skin non-invasively, Ultherapy does not require any injections or incisions and targets areas such as the brow, midface, jowls, and neck. It is also FDA cleared for improving fine lines in the décolletage. After ultrasound gel is applied, the Ultherapy transducers target with precision depths of 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm into and under the skin. 

Unlike imaging ultrasound in hospitals, Ultherapy sound waves are focused, creating tiny thermal coagulation points (TCPs) in the tissue. These TCPs result in immediate tightening, collagen remodelling, and an improvement in the tone and tightness of skin that continues to improve for months after the procedure. 

The intense microfocused ultrasound beams create a stinging sensation that is alleviated with prescribed medications taken 45 minutes before the procedure at the clinic.

We are highly experienced in Ultherapy at Venus Medical having been the first clinic in the country to have the technology. It is our most popular non-invasive lifting procedure.

ultherapy treatment in Dublin at Venus Medical
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