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Neck Laxity

treatments to correct neck laxity in ireland cosmetic clinic

It’s one of the first signs of aging and quite bothersome to many women and men:  loose skin under the chin. We have a range of options depending on whether you have loose skin, excess fat, or a combination of the two. For a sharper, more youthful angle below your chin and along your jawline, we can tighten skin, reduce fat, and improve the quality of skin. For a completely non-invasive option we may recommend Ultherapy, an FDA-approved microfocused ultrasound treatment that heats and tightens skin and the deeper layers with precision. If you have more pronounced laxity or want a more dramatic effect without invasive surgery, we are pleased to be the first in Ireland to offer FaceTite. This includes NeckTite and Morpheus8, treatments performed under local anaesthesia. Skin crepiness and fine lines in the neck are also treated with Profhilo or Dracula therapy (PRP). We can even reduce the turkey-neck bands that sometimes protrude with muscle relaxing injections. Maintaining skin tightening treatment results with KonturMD radiofrequency is recommended.

What’s the best procedure to tighten the neck?

The importance of a consultation with Dr Prendergast cannot be overemphasised. This way you will understand all your options and what might be best in your particular case. NeckTite combined with Morpheus8 is one of the most effective protocols currently available short of having invasive neck lift surgery.

How quickly will I see results?

Most collagen stimulating procedures require some time to show full results. However, NeckTite can often produce results straight away due to the instant collagen contraction effects. Plumping and hydrating the top layer of skin in the neck with Profhilo also produces results quickly.

What’s the recovery like?

A compression garment is worn for three days after NeckTite. Less intense treatments like Ultherapy and KonturMD have virtually no downtime. Injectable procedures such as Profhilo and Dracula Therapy can cause small pinpoint red marks or bruises, but these are usually minimal. 

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.