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A soft, safe, silicone implant under local anaesthesia

permalip, non-permanent fillers such as hyaluronic acid gel fillers in Ireland

As we age, the lips get gradually thinner due to loss of fat in the soft tissues.

This can be corrected with non-permanent fillers such as hyaluronic acid gel fillers. However, some people prefer to have a permanent solution.

PermaLip is a soft, safe, silicone lip implant that is inserted into either one or both lips under local anaesthesia. It come in nine different sizes, tailored to your face.




Treatment time

45 minutes


Top and bottom lips



We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Treatment step by step

  • Local anaesthetic is injected to numb the lips completely.
  • A tiny incision is made where the top and bottom lips meet in either side.
  • The PermaLip implant is passed through to fit perfectly.
  • A simple, dissolvable stitch is placed.


  • Swelling and bruising is normal; this might take up to a week to settle down.
  • You will be provided aftercare instructions.
  • You must avoid excessive mouth movements for the first week and will be prescribed some exercises to perform after that.