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Technology that can provide surgical results without the scars

Venus Medical was pleased to introduce this cutting edge scarless facelift technology to Ireland in 2018.   Facetite utilises temperature controlled radiofrequency energy to heat the layers immediately under the skin in the face and neck in order to cause intense collagen contraction and tightening.  After the tissue is numbed with tumescent local anaesthesia, the dual sensor probe is inserted under the skin. 

Built-in safety features enable internal heating to optimum skin tightening temperatures whilst protecting the skin on the outside.  At Venus Medical, the Facetite protocol begins by targeting the jowls and neck using the internal probe.  Next, we use Morpheus8 to further tighten the skin in the lower face, neck, and under the eyes.  If there is any excess fat under the chin or along the jawline, Dr Prendergast will also perform liposuction to remove this and improve definition.

Developed by Inmode, Facetite is an FDA-approved technology that can provide surgical results without the scars.  It is superior to completely non-invasive procedures that heat tissue externally

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