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Skin Peels

Unveiling your new skin through advanced medical peels

advanced medical peels, skin peels at Venus Medical

Chemical peels are used to resurface the skin:  peel away the outer layers to leave the skin looking fresher and brighter. Depending on the chemical or acid used, peels can be superficial, medium depth, or deep. 

Light peels have little or no downtime and include those that contain glycolic acid. Peels can be tailored to treat certain conditions, such as acne, and include agents such as salicylic acid. 

We also use trichloroacetic acid for stronger peels that produce fantastic results. At Venus Medical, we use CryoAir technology to reduce discomfort during the peeling process. 


Treatment time

30 mins

Peeling completed

5-7 days

Peels required


Peel depths


The ideal candidate

Chemical peels are best at removing the very top layer of skin without heating the skin. The ideal candidate is fair, has some sun damage and freckling, with reasonably good skin tone and without many fine wrinkles on the cheeks. To tighten skin as well, laser skin resurfacing is more appropriate. Lighter chemical peels are great for those who do not want downtime or recovery.

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Treatment step by step

  • Pre-peel solution is applied to thoroughly clean the skin.
  • Eyes and lips are protected.
  • The peeling solution is applied in gentle strokes.
  • Cold air is used to minimise discomfort as the peel acts on the skin.
  • A number of layers are expertly applied to get the correct skin response.
  • Discomfort subsides quickly and post-peel cream is applied.


  • The skin may appear pink or light grey immediately after the peel. 
  • Liberal use of moisturiser and SPF are advised during the healing phase.
  • Typically, skin begins to peel after 2-3 days, around the mouth first, and the peeling lasts for 3-5 days. 
  • For light peels, only a subtle “fluffing” of skin occurs. 
  • Peeling can be more obvious with deeper peels. Beautiful results are seen after about a week.