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Fractional radiofrequency needling technology that improves skin texture and tightness

moroheus technology in Ireland
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Developed by Inmode, Morpheus8 is the latest in fractional radiofrequency needling technology that improves skin texture and tightness. 

Local anaesthetic is first applied. Then the Morpheus8 tip is applied to the skin. Numerous tiny sharp needles pass quickly into the skin at a depth of 3mm first, followed by 2mm. Once in the skin, the tips of the needles heat up quickly, delivering a thermal injury that triggers collagen and releases heat shock proteins. Morpheus8 is used to tighten skin under the eyes, along the jawline, and in the neck. It can also be applied to any other part of the body to treat wrinkled skin, stretch marks or scarring. Under the chin, Morpheus8 can sculpt the tissues and improve definition by simultaneously sculpting fat and tightening skin.

Three Morpheus8 treatments at one-month intervals are recommended for excellent results. Mild redness and swelling is usual but quickly subsides. Tiny needle puncture marks can be covered by makeup if desired the following day.