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Neck Rejuvenation

Improve sagging, heaviness, and wrinkles in the neck without invasive surgery

treatments for neck rejuvenation at Venus Medical Dublin

Sagging, heaviness, and wrinkles occur in the neck with normal aging as a result of laxity in the skin and muscle and excess fat under the chin. Without invasive surgery, it is possible to improve all of these features with procedures at Venus Medical.

For mild neck laxity or those interested in a completely non-invasive procedure, Ultherapy is an excellent option. This FDA-approved device tightens collagen and skin using micro-focused ultrasound.

For those who have moderate laxity and want a more significant result, NeckTite is the latest technology that tightens skin in a single procedure. Exceptional results can be achieved with NeckTite.

Morpheus8 is a new procedure that tightens skin and improves skin texture and fine lines using radiofrequency needling.

Profhilo improves the skin in the neck, including fine lines, by plumping the skin with a series of hyaluronic acid injections.

Non-invasive radiofrequency collagen stimulating using KonturMD is an excellent way to maintain the results of more definitive neck treatments over time. This is a painless treatment that takes just 30 minutes with no downtime.


No. of sessions


Treatment time

30-60 mins

Recovery time

0-3 days


Skin and fat

The ideal candidate

These treatments are ideal for patients who want to rejuvenate and lift the neck but who are not interested in full invasive neck lift surgery.

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Treatment step by step

  • During the Ultherapy procedure, the handpiece is applied to the skin over ultrasound gel. There are no needles during Ultherapy. 
  • For NeckTite, injections under the skin are made to completely numb the area. Then a small radiofrequency probe is passed under the skin to precisely and safely heat the skin to the desired temperature.
  • The Morpheus8 handpiece is applied to the skin and several needles pass into the skin at a predetermined depth of 2 and 3mm to heat the layer below the skin.
  • The Profhilo treatment involves a series of small injections of hyaluronic acid into the skin of the neck.


  • Ultherapy has little or no downtime; some redness in the skin can last a few hours. 
  • Slight tenderness is normal for a week or two. There is usually no bruising.
  • NeckTite requires a head garment to be worn for just 72 hours. Mild swelling and bruising is normal. Some residual tenderness in the treated area can take a few weeks to subside, but this is not visible. 
  • Morpheus8 usually leaves only very mild swelling and redness, which subsides in about two days.
  • Profhilo is an injectable treatment that might bruise, but makeup can be worn the following day.
"Venus Medical is a fantastic clinic. Dr Peter Prendergast listens to clients needs instead of pushing procedures on you. I am so happy with the results I got. Would recommend 100%"