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CO2RE Laser

Advanced skin rejuvenation

This powerful  laser developed by Candela has been in operation at the clinic for many years. 

Dr Prendergast uses the laser for advanced skin rejuvenation, peeling the skin to reverse the signs of aging and leave the skin much younger looking. With many settings and choices, we can provide light peels, medium depth peels, or deep peels, depending on the condition of the skin and desired outcome. CO²RE produces laser beams at a wavelength of 10,600nm. This creates tiny channels in the skin that have the ability to remove unwanted pigmentation, tighten skin, smooth lines, and improve acne scarring.

CO²RE requires numbing before treatment to maximise comfort and avoid pain. For light Level 1 peels, we use topical cream. Dr Prendergast uses full-face nerve blocks to numb the entire face for our most popular Level 2 peel. The precision handpieces with CO²RE enable us to treat the eyelids for fine lines and skin tightening in this delicate area. Pre- and post-treatment instructions and care will be discussed with you when you are considering this excellent skin treatment.

Laser Resurfacing in Dublin
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