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Buccal Fat Removal Dublin

Venus Medical - Buccal Fat Removal Dublin
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Buccal fat removal is a cosmetic procedure that enhances facial shape by removing part of the buccal fat – a small bulge of facial fat in the lower cheeks next to the mouth. The procedure is performed at Venus Medical in Dublin under local anesthesia and takes less than an hour. The buccal fat removal procedure creates a subtle shadow in the lower cheek area and improves facial aesthetics by making the face shape more defined.

Venus Medical - Buccal Fat Removal - before / after
Venus Medical - Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal
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  • Buccal fat pad removal helps improve facial aesthetics by reducing fullness in the lower cheeks 
  • A tiny incision site inside the mouth is used so the procedure is scarless
  • Walk-in walk-out procedure using local anesthetic, avoiding risks of general anesthesia
  • Helps reduce the appearance of jowls by reducing the weight of the fat pads beneath the facial muscles
  • Permanent procedure that gives lasting, effective but subtle results 

How we do buccal fat removal surgery

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Local anaesthesia

Our highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeon Dr Shadab will mark the area of excessive fullness

Minimal access

After receiving a relaxing tablet, the mouth is cleaned and some numbing medication is injected at the incision sites

4mm incision

The surgeon makes a 4mm incision inside the mouth to retrieve the buccal fat pad. We deliberately leave behind a little of the fat pad since excess removal can leave an unnatural hollow area beneath the cheekbones

Dissolvable stitch

A dissolvable stitch is placed and you can go home with a friend or family member


“So I have been trying to do this procedure for about two years. I went to many doctors and all of them told me that they could do it but on their own terms that would result in me only having a dimple on the side of my mouth and that was not what I was expecting from buccal fat removal. Venus Medical was the only one who told me that it was possible to do exactly what I wanted. The whole experience was amazing I had all the care I needed prior to the surgery and the surgery was a breeze. Thanks Venus Medical.”

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Frequently asked questions

Fat cells in general do shrink with weight loss.  However, in many people who have round cheeks, the facial fat does not reduce and buccal fat removal surgery is the only solution.

Buccal fat pads frequently drop and contribute to facial aging, so removal can actually make you look younger.  However, your surgeon may recommend buccal fat removal only as part of a comprehensive plan with other cosmetic procedures, such as FaceTite or even a face lift. In younger patients with good skin tone, buccal fat removal procedures can be performed in isolation.

In adults, fat cells don’t regenerate, so all fat removal procedures including liposuction permanently remove fat.  Since aging is dynamic, cosmetic surgery results are never permanent but can be very long lasting. 

Our board certified plastic surgeon will assess you during the initial consultation  which can be either in the clinic or remotely on the MeTime app.  We’ll take a medical history, check current medications, drug allergies and make sure you know what to expect and have realistic expectations. If you look in a mirror and such your cheeks in very slightly, this usually indicates the are in your cheeks that is reduced with the cheek reduction surgery.

No.  Buccal fat removal is a straightforward procedure for plastic surgeons with experience in facial plastic surgery. It is an established technique in which the surgeon removes  only 2-3ml of fat. The entire procedure takes less than an hour. If you are in good physical health and follow postoperative instructions, this is a safe procedure with minimal downtime.

The healing process is usually rapid.  After any plastic surgery there is some swelling and possibly discomfort for a few days.  You will be given antibiotics to prevent infection and advised a liquid diet for 24 hours. Eating soft foods only is recommended for 2 days and a special mouth rinse should be used after each meal for a week. Most patients without health conditions make a full recovery within a week or less and the incision inside the mouth is also healed. If you have had other procedures at the same time such as eyelid surgery, your recovery might take a few days longer. 

Even when swelling subsides, you’ll need to wait a few more weeks to see final results from buccal fat removal surgery. We’ll take high resolution before and after photos during your journey so we can compare and see the results! Results of buccal fat removal can be subtle, but the results may be more obvious if you had larger buccal fat pads.

Once we assess you and discuss the most appropriate procedure or combination of procedures, we will outline the fees. Quotes can also be obtained on the MeTime app after you submit a journey.  Our surgeon is based in Dublin, is on the specialist register of plastic and reconstructive surgery and has extensive experience performing buccal fat removal.