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Areolar Reduction

A procedure to reduce the size of stretched or enlarged areolas (the pigmented skin surrounding the nipples)

areola reduction surgery in ireland at venus medical

Areolar reduction is a relatively simple procedure in which we reduce the size of one or both areolas (the dark or pink skin surrounding the nipples).

Some women are unhappy with the size of their areolas because they appear enlarged, stretched, puffy, or protruding. Changes in the areolas can occur after pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations. Sometimes, one areola is larger than the other, and an areolar reduction is done to create symmetry. 

To perform an areolar reduction, Mr Ahmad makes a doughnut shaped incision along the border of the areola. This ensures the scar is easily hidden. The new areola is secured in place with a permanent suture that prevents it from stretching. The skin is closed with dissolvable sutures. 

You can find out if you are a suitable candidate for areolar reduction during a consultation with our experienced consultant plastic surgeon at Venus Medical.


No. of sessions


Treatment time

90 minutes

Recovery time

1-2 weeks



Why Areolar Reduction at Venus Medical?

  • Mr Shadab I. Ahmad is a specialist plastic surgeon who has years of experience in performing areolar reduction.
  • Venus Medical is an award-winning cosmetic clinic in Ireland, staffed by a dedicated team of medical professionals.
  • We take patient satisfaction seriously at Venus Medical.Mr Ahmad will see you in consultation, understand your aesthetic desires, and recommend a treatment that can best address your concerns.

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Ideal candidate for breast uplift

Women who are bothered by sagging or drooping breasts that have lost shape and volume and become flat, pendulous, or elongated, with nipples pointing down or falling below the breast crease, with areolas that are enlarged and stretched, or with one breast lower than the other, and who want to restore the breasts to a perkier, more youthful position with long-lasting results.

Ideal Candidate for Areolar Reduction

Men and women who want to correct the size of the areola for cosmetic reasons and achieve a permanent reduction in areola size.

Dr Shadab has been absolutely amazing. He knew exactly what I wanted and the results are better than I could've imagined. All the staff are fantastic and are always willing to help with any concerns or questions.