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Reducing specific areas of unwanted body fat

Venus Medical - Wrinkles and Lines Treatment

Injection lipolysis to reduce fat has been a controversial practice over the years. More recently, the FDA in America approved a product called Kybella that uses deoxycholic acid to reduce fat under the chin.

In Europe, a network of thousands of doctors, particularly in Austria and Germany, gained considerable experience using a combination of phosphatidylcholine and deoxhycholic acid to reduce fatty deposits with positive results.

We have 15 years experience using injection lipolysis or lipodissolve, but it is not suitable for large areas or extensive body contouring.


No. treatments


Interval between treatments

8 weeks


2-5 days


Chin & jawline. Small body areas

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate for Lipodissolve has localised areas of unwanted, soft fat tissue.

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Treatment step by step

  • The treatment area is carefully marked.
  • The solution is injected in small, precise amounts under the skin.
  • No compression garments are required.


  • Swelling, pinkness and some tenderness is normal.
  • It can take 2-5 days to settle down.