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Vaser Technology

Body Contouring

Vibration Amplification by Sound Energy at Resonance (VASER) represents third generation ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology that has been instrumental in the advancement of body contouring. 

Dr Prendergast was the first to use Vaser in Ireland.  Vaser works by selectively targeting and breaking up fat tissue without damaging surrounding nerves and blood vessels. The titanium Vaser probes come in various diameters and configurations depending on the body area and type of fat being treated. Under the skin, these probes vibrate at 36KHz (36,000 times per second) causing a process called cavitation. Cavitation occurs when micro-bubbles in the numbing fluid release fat cells from their architecture, allowing it to be easily removed through gentle suction.

Using Vaser allows most body areas to be treated, from chin to ankles. It is also gentle and precise enough to allow high-definition sculpting, and provides better skin tightening than other forms of liposuction. Vaser is also ideal for treating tough areas, like the male chest. Since Vaser is gentle on the tissues, the intact, viable fat cells can be collected and transferred to other parts of the body during the same procedure. 

vaser technology at venus medical in Dublin.
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