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A precision tightening technology to treat delicate areas

Dr Prendergast was the first doctor in Ireland to use AccuTite, a precision tightening technology to treat delicate areas. Advanced temperature-controlled radio frequency is used to heat the undersurface of skin using a tiny probe just 0.9mm in diameter.

AccuTite can be used to tighten skin around the eyes, brow and jowls. In some cases, AccuTite can help treat skin and fat under the eyes if you are not interested or ready for blepharoplasty surgery.

It is also ideal for treating small areas of skin laxity such as in the bra fold or around the knees. After local anaesthetic is applied to the area, the small probe is inserted and the device is tuned to heat up to 68°C for optimum collagen contraction and tightening. 

Just one treatment is required for results. AccuTite is based on the technology of FaceTite, developed by Inmode, for small face and body areas that requires precision

accutite technology to tighten ighten skin
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