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The sweat stops here

Venus Medical was Ireland’s first MiraDry clinic and has incredible success treating patients with problematic underarm sweating and primary axillary hyperhidrosis. Developed by Miramar Labs in California and FDA-cleared, MiraDry uses microwave energy to target and destroy sweat glands. Once the skin under the arms is numbed with injections, the MiraDry tip is applied to the skin.

The skin is cooled externally for protection while energy passes through the skin. Vibrations at the level of the sweat glands, at the junction of the skin and subcutaneous fat, cause selective interference and heating of eccrine and apocrine sweat glands.  Sweat glands die and don’t come back.

The MiraDry protocol at Venus Medical is designed to yield maximum results, using tumescent local anaesthesia and high power energy delivery. Patients experience immediate dryness with minimal downtime. As well as curing axillary hyperhidrosis permanently, MiraDry is popular with men and women who simply wish to sweat less, or reduce body odour.

woman gets miradry treatment at Venus Medical in Dublin, Ireland at Venus Medical
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