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Radiofrequency Needling

Ireland’s first clinic to offer the new Morpheus8 procedure

Radiofrequency Needling treatment with morpheus in Dublin

Morpheus8 is the first full face and body fractionated radiofrequency needling device for subdermal adipose tissue remodelling. 

This means the needles on Morpheus8 penetrate with precision to between 2 and 4mm into and under the skin to contract and tighten the skin and improve contours.  

Morpheus8 is performed either as part of the FaceTite and NeckTite procedure or as a stand-alone treatment.  


No. of sessions


Treatment time

60 mins


2-4 mm


Face and around eyes, neck, loose skin or stretch marks on body

The ideal candidate

Morpheus8 is suitable for patients who seek tighter skin, those with fine lines around the eyes, and people who want to improve textural irregularities or acne scarring. Morpheus8 is also ideal in patients who want to improve stretch marks or skin wrinkling in tummy, thighs and around the knees.

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Treatment step by step

  • The skin is thoroughly cleansed.
  • Local anaesthetic cream is applied for 45 minutes.
  • Nerve block injections might be performed for areas of deeper treatment.
  • Second cleanse and skin preparation.
  • The Morpheus tip is applied and RF needle delivery takes just 10 minutes.


  • Your skin will be pink and slightly swollen for a day or so. 
  • Sun protection factor should be applied beginning the following day.
  • We recommend tinted SPF rather than concealer during recovery.
  • Tiny needle marks may be visible for about a week but these can be concealed easily.