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Temporal Brow Lift

A cosmetic surgery to beautify and rejuvenate the upper face

Brow lift procedure at venus medical in Ireland

A brow lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is done to lift sagging eyebrows, and correct eyelid hooding. This procedure can give you a more alert and youthful appearance by addressing visible signs of aging in the upper third of the face. A temporal brow lift is also a popular procedure amongst younger women who seek the “foxy eye” look.

With age, most people develop changes in the upper face that give away their age. The skin and supporting muscles in the forehead and brow region become lax, forming deep creases and wrinkles and leading to sagging of tissues above the eyes. This can make men and women look tired, angry, or sad. 

A brow lift can elevate and reposition the eyebrows, restore a more youthful arch to the brows, smoothen a furrowed brow, reduce sagging in the upper eyelids, and remove excess loose skin from the upper face.

At Venus Medical, we are the only clinic in Ireland that performs a non-endoscopic temporal surgical brow lift purely under local anaesthesia.  Our specialist plastic surgeons make a small incision hidden behind the hairline.  Then special instruments are used to release the brow and elevate the tail of the brow to a more pleasing position.  A compression bandage is applied for 3 days. 

You can find out if you are a suitable candidate for a brow lift during a consultation with Dr Prendergast or Mr Ahmad at Venus Medical, or by clicking on MeTime on our homepage.


No. of sessions


Treatment time

1-2 hours

Recovery time

7-10 days


upper face

Why Brow Lift at Venus Medical?

  • Dr Shadab Ahmad and Dr Malcolm Paul are experienced plastic surgeons with decades of experience.  
  • We perform this procedure under local anaesthesia, allowing you to return to your usual activities quickly
  • Our technique is far more effective than brow thread lifts, which do not release retaining ligaments around the brow and eye
  • We can assess you remotely through the MeTime app, assess photos and chat before you even commit to coming to the clinic.  

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Ideal candidate for breast uplift

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Ideal Candidate for Brow Lift

Men and women with a perpetually tired or angry appearance due to forehead furrows, creases between the brows, sagging brow tissues, and heavy upper lids who want to restore a rested, alert, and younger looking appearance to the upper face with a one-time treatment that provides dramatic and lasting results. Younger women who seek a lifted tail of brow or so-called “foxy eye” appearance may also be good candidates.  

Absolutely love going to Venus Medical as I always have a great experience when I go. Highly recommended!