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One-Stitch Facelift

The ingenious procedure that instantly lifts the lower face, tightens the jawline and restores more youthful contours

The one stitch facelift is the latest in facial rejuvenation and can be performed without the need for general anaesthetic. This procedure offers patients the chance to achieve a fresher, more youthful, lifted look without having a full face lift. The face is lifted painlessly under local anaesthesia in about an hour, with minimal downtime.

Dr Prendergast perfected his one-stitch facelift technique after years performing other, less effective thread lifts. He has experience with most thread lifts including PDO threads, Anchorage threads, Happy Lift, Silhouette Lift and Silhouette Soft. He has taught surgeons all over the world in his own thread lift techniques, and has published his innovations in books and journals. As well as performing the one-stitch lift, our plastic surgeon Mr. Ahmad has extensive experience performing short-scar face lifts and full face lifts so we will advise on the most appropriate option for you during an assessment.


  • Instantly lifts the lower face
  • Tightens the jawline
  • Provides a fresher, more youthful and rested appearance
  • Complements facial contouring with fillers


60 mins

3-7 days

Lower face and jowls

The ideal candidate for one stitch facelift

Usually best suited for those aged 35-55 who start to see the signs of aging in the lower face and are not interested in an invasive facelift but are keen to try something more definitive and effective than non-invasive treatments. The one-stitch facelift is popular with those that want to see a quick result.

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Treatment step by step

Local anaesthesia

Local anaesthetic is placed in the scalp and in front of the ear to completely numb the area.

Venus Medical - Gynaecomastia

Minimal access

A small area of skin is removed right at the hairline in front of the ear and a lifting thread is placed under the skin with a special instrument.

Lifted Instantly

The face is lifted instantly by tightening the thread, which is anchored securely to the muscle through a separate, small incision hidden behind the hairline.

Dublin, IE

“Couldn’t be happier with my treatment! It looks natural as I wanted and better than I expected. Since the moment you arrive at the clinic, being greeted by a very friendly staff till the moment you get the procedure done! Dr Prendergast is extremely professional and make you feel as comfortable as possible”


  • Patients can usually return to work within a week.
  • You will be prescribed some antibiotics to take for one week.
  • After one week, stitches at the incision sites are removed. The small hairline scar is usually easily hidden by the hair, and fades over time.
  • There is no need for dressings, head garments or drains after the procedure.
  • Some pain tablets are prescribed for discomfort for the first few days.
  • It is normal to have a little puckering of skin in front of the ear but this always softens, usually within a week or so.

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Frequently asked questions

A one-stitch facelift, exclusively offered at the Venus Medical clinic in Dublin, is a technique pioneered in Ireland by our medical director. It involves making a small incision at the hairline and behind the hairline using a suture or thread to lift up sagging tissues. The procedure offers a natural, lifted appearance with minimal downtime. Ideal for addressing the first signs of ageing, it effectively treats jowls, improving the shape of the face from rectangular-shaped to heart-shaped.

At Venus Medical, our aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons employ the one-stitch facelift technique under local anaesthesia. Although there may be variations of a “one-stitch facelift”, our technique involves numbing the area in front of the ear, an incision with some skin removal at the hairline, and the placement of a stitch or thread that pulls and lifts the lower face upwards, enhancing definition of the jawline and the shape of the face. After the lift is performed, the skin is closed with skin stitches which are removed after 7-8 days.

The cost of a one stitch facelift at Venus Medical reflects our experience of over 15 years performing thread lifts and the tailored treatment combinations we recommend. To get professional advice and a detailed breakdown of treatment recommendations and pricing, you can connect directly using MeTime by clicking this link on your phone.

A one-stitch facelift at Venus Medical is superior in our experience to many other types of thread lifts. Other “lifts” involve simply placing threads, such as PDO threads, under the skin without lifting or anchoring. Our specialist plastic surgeon removes some skin and anchors the sagging tissue to the stable layer above the muscle in the temple. This provides a longer-lasting effect compared to other thread lifts. In our experience, some patients seek to have the procedure repeated after 4-5 years. Although the one stitch lift addresses sagging skin without undergoing a full facelift, we do also perform SMAS short scar facelifts and full facelifts under local anaesthesia so we will discuss what’s right for you after hearing your expectations.

A two stitch facelift describes placing two sutures on either side of the face rather than one. Since every procedure is tailored, if a second suture is required to lift heavier jowls or change the location or vector of lifting, then a second suture is used. In reality, more than one suture is used in the procedure anyway because we use sutures to close the skin at the hairline and temple incision sites.

Frequently a combination of dissolvable and permanent (non-dissolving) sutures are used for facelift surgery. A permanent suture, however, does not mean a permanent result. Stitches are used to hold tissues together for a period of time, during which collagen remodelling and healing occur. After that time, it is usually not necessary for the stitch to still be present. Since some sutures might dissolve too quickly, depending on the suture material, we may use non-dissolving sutures in some tissues, particularly if the tension on the healing is higher or the tissues are very mobile and require a stable anchoring.

There are many types of thread lifts and many types of face lifts! Thread lifts include PDO threads, Silhouette Soft, and our One Stitch Lift. Most thread lifts are “free-floating”, meaning then threads are placed under the skin and are not stitched to anything. We prefer to anchor the lifted tissue for a more durable result. However, threads don’t compare to open facelift surgery, which can deliver much more effective and long-lasting lifting. If you are looking for subtle results for early signs of aging, a thread lift might work well; if you want a more substantial rejuvenation or want to lift and tighten the neck as well, you might want to consider a facelift. A mini-lift or mini facelift can refer to a thread lift too, so it is important to speak to professionals with experience in all of these procedures so you can make an informed decision.

The one stitch lift can safely be repeated over time. However, since aging is a dynamic process, we will assess you to ensure you are having the right procedure. Sometimes different treatments or procedures are more appropriate as your face ages. We frequently restore facial volume with safe hyaluronic acid fillers to give more natural results. This can be performed at the same time as the one stitch facelift.

While a one-stitch facelift at Venus Medical is a relatively safe procedure, some potential side effects might include temporary numbness, mild swelling, or minor pain around the incision sites. Our skilled team takes every precaution to minimize these effects, ensuring a smooth and comfortable recovery. In rare instances, patients might experience scarring or dissatisfaction, in which case our team is committed to providing suitable solutions and adjustments.

After the one-stitch facelift there will be some swelling and bunching of skin near the incision site in front of the ear. This is normal and will settle over time. Most of the swelling will have disappeared by the time the skin stitches are removed after seven days. There may be some soreness and discomfort, especially where the suture is anchored to the muscle in the temple area. We prescribe antibiotics as well as some painkiller tablets to make sure your recovery is comfortable. Most people can return to normal activities after a few days (wearing your hair down to hide the hairline incision). Typically, the scar fades to become imperceptible over time. Unlike a facelift, there are no bandages or head garments to wear after the one stitch facelift.

We usually recommend combining the one-stitch facelift with other minimally invasive or non-surgical procedures to provide an even more beautiful result. Treatments that are commonly performed with the one stitch lift include dermal fillers to lift the mouth corners, midface fillers to enhance the face shape, and of course skin treatments like laser skin resurfacing to clear pigmentation and smooth fine lines. Before every treatment, our doctors will recommend the best combination for you. You can submit photos on MeTime through our direct link if you want to receive personalised recommendations before committing to anything.

No. If your neck is a concern and you still want a minimally invasive option, FaceTite might be a more appropriate option for you. If you have significant sagging of the jowls and neck, we can discuss more suitable surgical options whilst still avoiding general anaesthesia. The most suitable person for the one stitch lift has slight jowls, facial volume that is not too full, and is looking for a fast, effective way to lift without full facelift surgery. Although we treat patients of many ages, the one stitch lift is usually appropriate for people who are 35-50 years old.

At Venus Medical, we prioritize your comfort and safety during every procedure. The one-stitch facelift is performed under local anaesthesia, which ensures minimal discomfort and very little downtime. We will provide some relaxing tablets before the local anaesthesia is administered, so you don’t feel the procedure at all. You must have someone you know collect you after your procedure.

Your consultation will be with one of our doctors or plastic surgeons. After hearing what you would like, we will ask some questions and assess your face. This includes assessing the lower face, facial volume, condition of your skin, and importantly assessing your neck. Then we will outline the different options available, including whether the one stitch facelift is right for you. We will discuss the procedure, benefits and potential risks. If you would like a free assessment, you can connect for a remote consultation through the MeTime app where one of our doctors will review your photos and send you a message through the app.

Absolutely! We partner with Humm to make it easier for you if you prefer to pay for your procedure in installments over time. Simply ask us about financing during your consultation for more information.