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The best options for droopy eyelids, lines and sags

Venus Medical - Eyelids

The telltale signs of aging are frequently first seen around the eyes. The skin below the brow becomes loose, and starts to sag. Fine lines or bags develop below the eyes.

Non-surgical options include fractional CO2 laser, radiofrequency needling, and ultherapy to lift the brow.

To remove the skin completely for a more definitive result, Dr Prendergast performs an upper lid blepharoplasty under local anaesthesia.  Various options for treating lines below the eyes are available at Venus Medical.  Laser skin resurfacing and Morpheus8 are the most effective options for patients not interested in surgery in this area.


No. of sessions


Treatment time

30-60 mins

Recovery time

3-7 days


Hooding and loose skin below the brow and below the eyes

The ideal candidate

For early changes and mild laxity, laser or RF needling are effective and safe.  More than one treatment might be necessary for optimum tightening. For more significant heaviness or skin laxity, blepharoplasty is preferable. This is a single procedure.

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Treatment step by step

  • At Venus Medical, most procedures around the eye are performed after nerve blocks; anaesthesia is used so the procedure is painless.
  • Shields are placed on the eyes if the skin is being resurfaced with the fractional CO2 laser.
  • During a blepharoplasty, the excess skin and fat is carefully marked. Local anaesthetic injections are made to numb the tissues. The skin is removed and tiny stitches are placed.


  • Some swelling is normal after laser resurfacing or Morpheus8.  
  • This lasts just 2-3 days for Morpheus8 and about 5-7 days for CO2 laser resurfacing. 
  • Residual, temporary pinkness after one week can be concealed with makeup. 
  • Vaseline must be applied for 5-7 days during the healing after laser resurfacing.
"Couldn’t be happier with my treatment! It looks natural as I wanted and better than I expected."