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Facial Contouring

Non-surgical procedure to alter and enhance the contours of the face

Facial Contouring

Advanced facial contouring at Venus Medical addresses volume loss throughout the face and improves the definition and proportions of the cheekbones, cheeks, jawline and chin.

Dr Prendergast uses safe, non-permanent fillers to artistically contour these features and restore youthful volume.

Before treatment at Venus Medical, we will examine you thoroughly and perform 3D imaging of your face to assess volume, shadows, angles and proportions. Since no two faces are the same, we feel it’s important to show you what you might look like after a proposed facial contouring treatment.


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12-18 months

Treatment time

45 mins

Recovery time

1 day



The ideal candidate

You might be suitable for facial contouring if you want an instantly more defined, youthful appearance and are happy with the results you see on 3D simulation during your consultation. Women and men with a weak chin or profile are usually excellent candidates for facial contouring treatments with safe, non-permanent fillers.

We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.

Treatment step by step

  • The treatment areas are numbed with nerve block injections so you are completely comfortable during the treatment.
  • The appropriate filler is chosen for different facial regions: either hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite is used to give a natural result.
  • Dr Prendergast uses his artistic skill to delicately contour and enhance different regions of the face depending on the treatment plan.
  • Cannulas, not needles, are used for most facial regions to reduce the chance of bruising and ensure safety.


  • We advise to leave off make-up for at least three hours. 
  • You can return to your normal activities straight away. 
  • Bruising is not common when cannulas are used to place fillers for facial contouring. 
"Couldn’t be happier with my treatment! It looks natural as I wanted and better than I expected. Since the moment you arrive at the clinic, being greeted by a very friendly staff till the moment you get the procedure done! Dr Prendergast is extremely professional and make you feel as comfortable as possible"
Edyta Mozgowiec