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Terms and Conditions. everyderm

  1. EVERYDERM is an advanced subscription-based medical-grade skin programme. EVERYDERM is a registered trademark of Adept Medical Limited, trading as Venus Medical, company registration number 527642.
  2. By signing this contract, you enter into an agreement with Adept Medical Limited.
  3. EVERYDERM is available for every skin type (Fitzpatrick type 1-6). You must be at least 18 years to be eligible for the programme. Suitability to join EVERYDERM is under the discretion of your EVERYDERM aesthetic medical professional following assessment.
  4. There is an initial €50 charge for an in-clinic consultation with an aesthetic nurse or aesthetician which is redeemable against the first month’s fee if booked within 3 months. In-clinic consultations with a doctor are €110. Remote consultations using the MeTime app are free.
  5. A treatment programme will be prescribed based on the assessment, your skin type, and your own concerns and wishes. This may include skin analysis and imaging.  Your medical professional will recommend the most effective and appropriate EVERYDERM plan for you. 
  6. You can choose between the EVERYDERM Silver, EVERYDERM Platinum and EVERYDERM Diamond plans. Each plan has different treatment options and benefits. Treatments in higher plans cannot be swapped or substituted for treatments in lesser plans.
  7. The EVERYDERM programme has been developed to offer the best value for each level of investment. Members can avail of a maximum of 12 procedures per year. Treatments at approximately one-month intervals are usually advised.  If you have fewer than 12 procedures in a year, treatments are not carried over into the following year. A maximum of 12 treatments in each calendar year is allowed.
  8. Most procedures require time to see full benefits and require a period of skin rest for optimum results. EVERYDERM treatments cannot be performed more frequently than once every three weeks.
  9. By becoming an EVERYDERM Member, you agree to having photographs taken of your skin prior to and during the programme at our request. This includes photos of your face, décolleté and hands and includes plain photography and advanced skin analysis. This plays an important part of our assessment, to analyse skin parameters, and monitor progress over time. 
  10. The EVERYDERM programme needs to be supported by at-home topicals to ensure best results. This will form part of the initial and follow-up consultations to ensure you get the most from your plan.
  11. To commence with an EVERYDERM plan, you must complete a standing order form. Our reception will take your bank details to assist in setting up a monthly standing order. If you wish to start with a treatment prior to the standing order payment being completed, you may pay for your first month using a credit card or cash. If you wish to pay for an entire year in advance, you may do that using credit card or cash. We do not accept cheques. Card or cash payments for less than a one-year period are not accepted and monthly payments are accepted only by standing order.
  12. The EVERYDERM Programme is designed to be ongoing in order to maintain skin health and appearance. Once joining, a minimum contract period of 12 months applies. This contract auto-renews every 12 months for another year. Should you decide to cancel your subscription at the end of any contract year, you must provide two month’s notice in writing stating that you do not wish to renew for another year. If you cancel your standing order before the contract ends, regardless of the reason, all treatments you received during that contract year become payable at their usual price.  This will be calculated by adding the usual cost of the treatments received and deducting the amount you paid in that calendar year. 
  13. You can upgrade to the next level within the EVERYDERM Programme if you wish. To do this, you must amend the standing order to reflect the new higher monthly subscription fee. A new 12-month minimum contract applies from the date of upgrade to the new plan.  You can only receive a treatment from the higher plan once the higher monthly payment has been received. 
  14. You cannot downgrade to a lower EVERYDERM Plan during a contract year; you can only go to a higher plan during a contract year.
  15. If you fail to pay a subscription fee on time during the contract, no more treatments will be made available to you. If payment is not received after 30 days, the treatments you have received will become payable at their usual price as listed on the EVERYDERM brochure less the total payments you have made during that contract year.
  16. You must notify the clinic if you become pregnant. You cannot have treatments when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  If you become pregnant, you can either pay the usual price for all the treatments you received during that contract year and discontinue your contract, or continue the contract payments for the remainder of that contract year and resume treatments when you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding.  You will then be entitled to treatments for the remaining number of months where payment was made.
  17. EVERYDERM employs advanced technology, lasers, and energy-based devices for skin rejuvenation and maintenance. Every effort is made to tailor appropriate treatments for your needs to provide best results. There are no guarantees of certain outcomes in results or measurements. Individual results vary.
  18. The EVERYDERM treatments are subject to change at any time without notice. Certain procedures and protocols may be removed, added or amended over time.  If a treatment is not available at short notice, an alternative treatment will be offered if appropriate. 
  19. EVERYDERM Plan monthly fees are subject to change. We will inform you in writing if there is an adjustment to the monthly fees.  If you do not wish to continue your EVERYDERM Plan at the adjusted fees, you may discontinue your programme with no further fees being payable for the treatments already received.
  20. If you become unsuitable for treatment at any stage, due to a medical condition or other reason, as determined by your EVERYDERM aesthetic medical professional, you will be advised accordingly and your membership may be discontinued. No further monthly subscription payments will apply. If you wish to discontinue your Plan during a contract year based on medical grounds, you must provide to us a letter from your doctor or specialist stating that you are not suitable for such skin treatments.
  21. Your EVERYDERM aesthetic medical professional has the right to refuse treatment at any time and will provide to you the reasons for not performing a treatment or treatments.
  22. Treatment appointments are subject to availability. Monthly treatments are advised. Treatments can be performed up to every three weeks in maximum frequency. No more than 12 treatments per year can be performed. This does not include biostimulator treatments such as Profhilo and Juvenus.  
  23. It is recommended that you attend for your Everyderm treatment without makeup. If you cannot attend with no makeup, you must arrive 10 minutes before your treatment time to remove your makeup. Your aesthetic nurse or aesthetician will still cleanse your skin using antiseptic when your treatment commences.  Makeup must be removed at least fifteen minutes before a scheduled skin analysis in order for the skin to rest. 
  24. Your EVERYDERM treatments are not transferable.
  25. Everyderm Silver plan entitles you to 3 sessions of HydraFacial treatment and 3 sessions of SkinPen within 12 month.
  26. Co2 laser skin resurfacing available in Everyderm Platinum and Diamond Plans are limited to one treatment withing 12 month.
  27. Hand and décolleté add-ons must be performed on the same day as the face treatment. A face, hand, and décolleté procedure performed together is considered one treatment and cannot be staggered over separate visits.
  28. Add-ons are not interchangeable during each year. If you purchase a plan with the hands or décolletage add-on, you must specify whether you wish to treat hands or décolletage. A fee of €29 a month applies per each area.
  29. To prepare your skin, all EVERYDERM programmes must commence with the Hydrafacial on month 1 and SkinPen microneedling on month 2, regardless of which Plan you are on. After this, your aesthetic medical professional will outline your personalised Plan.
  30. If you need to postpone your EVERYDERM appointment, you must give us at least 48 hours notice. This is due to appointments being in high demand and to facilitate our waiting list. If you do not reach reception by calling 012962747, you must email to inform us that you must reschedule.  If you do not notify us, you will miss that treatment and must book for the following month.