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Terms and Conditions

  1. EVERYDERM is available for every skin type (Fitzpatrick type 1-6) and is suitable for ages 18 years and up.
  2. Before joining the EVERYDERM Programme, you must have a consultation at the clinic to determine suitability.  Suitability to join the EVERYDERM Programme is under the discretion of Dr Prendergast or your skincare consultant following assessment.
  3.  There is an initial €110 charge for the consultation which is redeemable against the first monthly fee if booked within 6 months.
  4. A treatment programme will be prescribed based on your assessment, skin analysis and imaging.  The most appropriate Everyderm plan for you will be recommended.
  5. You can choose between the EVERYDERM Silver, EVERYDERM Platinum and EVERYDERM Diamond plans.  Each plan has different treatment options and benefits.
  6. The EVERYDERM programme has been developed to offer the best value for each level of investment. Members can avail of a maximum of 12 procedures per year.  Monthly treatments may be advised.
  7. Most procedures require time to see full benefits, and require a period of skin rest for optimum results.   EVERYDERM treatments cannot be performed more frequently than once every three weeks.
  8. As an EVERYDERM Member, your skin will be monitored using advanced skin technology scanners to check parameters such as levels of hydration, pigmentation, redness, elasticity, texture and pore size, at least once every 6 months, to provide progress updates and tailor ongoing therapies.
  9. The EVERYDERM programme needs to also be supported by at-home topicals to ensure best results. This will form part of the initial and follow-up consultations to ensure you get the most from your plan.
  10. Should you decide to progress, the first month’s subscription must be paid in full. Our reception will take your bank details to assist in setting up a monthly standing order. The standing order for the following month should be paid no later than the end of the first week of the second month. Payments should then proceed each month for the following thereafter.
  11. Once joining, a minimum contract period of three months applies. Should you decide to cancel your subscription after this time, you may do so in writing once you provide one month’s notice to cancel.
  12. You can upgrade to the next level within the EVERYDERM Programme upon amending the monthly subscription fee to the new rate.  A new three month minimum contract applies from the date of upgrade to the new plan.
  13. You may downgrade to a lower plan within the EVERYDERM Programme provided you give two month’s notice in writing to the clinic.
  14. Failure to pay a subscription on time, by the end of the first week for the following month will result in the cancellation of your contract. No more treatments will be made available to you. No cash can be refunded. 
  15. You are entitled to freeze your EVERYDERM Membership once, provided you have been in the programme for at least three months.  Notice of intention to freeze your Membership must be provided to the clinic in writing.  Failure to renew your monthly payments after that period will void your Membership, and a joining fee will be required to restore your Membership after that time.  You can freeze your Membership for up to six months.
  16. You must notify the clinic if you become pregnant.  You cannot have treatments when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are entitled to freeze your membership for up to twelve months from the time you notify the clinic that you are pregnant.
  17. EVERYDERM employs advanced technology, lasers, and energy-based devices for skin rejuvenation and maintenance. Every effort is made to tailor appropriate treatments for your needs to provide best results. There are no guarantees of certain outcomes in results or measurements.  Individual results vary.
  18. The EVERYDERM treatments are subject to change at any time.  Certain procedures and protocols may be removed, added or amended over time.  If a treatment is not available at short notice, an alternative treatment will be offered if appropriate.
  19. If you become unsuitable for treatment at any stage, due to a medical condition or other reason, as determined by Dr Prendergast, you will be advised accordingly and your Membership may be discontinued.  No further monthly subscription payments will apply.
  20. Treatment appointments are subject to availability.  Treatments can be performed up to every three weeks in maximum frequency.  If a treatment time is not available at three weeks, the soonest available time after that time will be scheduled.
  21. It is recommended that you attend for your Everyderm treatment without makeup if possible.  Makeup must be removed at least fifteen minutes before a scheduled skin analysis in order for the skin to rest.
  22. You can gift two Everyderm procedures per year to a friend or family member, except for the Ultimate Laser Resurfacing procedure.  A three-week interval between your own treatments and gifted treatments applies.  Gifted procedures are ideal if you cannot make it to the clinic for a period of time.
  23. Everyderm treatments apply to face and neck only.  Additional charges apply for skin treatments on decolletage, hands, or other body regions.
  24. Multiple Everyderm treatments cannot be performed in one visit.  Treatments can be staggered at intervals no more frequently than three weeks.  

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