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Neck lift under local anesthesia

Full facelift under local anaesthesia

The neck is one of the most difficult areas to treat properly and truly deliver exceptional results. That is why at Venus Medical we offer definitive neck lift procedures to target not just sagging neck skin but also the neck muscles and fat. If you want a more youthful appearance and are bothered by the excess skin and turkey wattle, a surgical neck lift might be the right option for you. We have lots of experience performing neck lifts under local anaesthesia.

What is a neck lift?

A necklift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes the visible signs of aging from the jawline to the collar bones. When we perform neck lifts at Venus Medical, our consultant plastic surgeon aims to restore youthful contours under your chin, eliminate the vertical turkey neck bands, and smooth sagging skin or excess skin. There are several key elements to a proper neck lift.

Local anaesthesia Venus Medical

Local anaesthesia

After receiving relaxing tablets so you are comfortable, the treatment area is marked and you are numbed up with a special mixture of local anaesthesia that ensures a painless experience. This special solution also helps reduce bruising after the procedure.



If there are excess fatty deposits under your chin or along the jawline, these are removed with gentle suction through a small incision. The small tubes used release the skin and enhance skin firmness during the healing afterwards.

Central neck approach-venus-medical

Neck muscle tightening

The neck muscles below the chin near the midline, called platysma, are identified and brought together carefully like a corset and stitched. Some plastic surgeons simply lift the neck from the sides, but in most cases this additional central approach is critical for a lasting, natural-looking result.


Redraping the skin

Neck lift surgery is usually performed together with a face lift. The incision near the earlobe extends up behind the ear and toward the lower scalp to access the neck properly. All of the loose skin is lifted backwards and the excess skin is removed. This gives beautifully smooth contours in the neck and along the jaw line.

Venus Medical - Compression gyneacomastia


Drainage tubes are usually not required for neck lift surgery at Venus Medical. When the procedure is finished, a compression garment is applied snugly over the lower face and neck area. This reduces bruising and swelling, helps the skin tighten, and reduces pain.

After just 7 days-venus-medical

Rapid recovery

For many patients, the recovery time after a neck lift is remarkably quick. There is no need to stay in hospital overnight so you can go home the same day and look forward to seeing your new youthful looking neck in a matter of days. The first sign of your new shape is a better angle under your chin – the sagging bands will be gone!

Is neck lift surgery right for me?

If you’re noticing the signs of aging in your neck and lower face such as the jaw line, a double chin, wrinkles, or a heavy turkey wattle or turkey neck appearance, then we will outline all of the cosmetic procedures that might suit. At Venus Medical, we’re uniquely positioned in that we offer the full spectrum of neck lift procedures from nonsurgical options to full neck lift surgery. Here are some of the reasons our patients choose us to have their necklift:

  • Our results speak for themselves. We aim to provide natural-looking results safely so you can look and feel fresher and more youthful, not pulled or like you have undergone a surgical procedure.
  • Our experienced consultant plastic surgeon Dr. Shadab Ahmad is on the Specialist Register, is a Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, and has fellowship training with world-renowned U.S. plastic surgeon Malcolm Paul, MD. Dr. Ahmad delivers beautiful results consistently.
  • We have been performing neck lifts and facelifts under local anesthesia since 2015. Our protocols for ambulatory surgery mean you do not need general anesthesia and can go home the same day with a responsible adult.
  • You can call our doctor anytime, day or night, during your healing if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Our central neck approach, including a corset platysmaplasty, means you get better, lasting results and no tension on the healing incisions. Your scars should be invisible after several weeks. If required, we also have vascular and resurfacing lasers to optimise healing and fade scars.
  • If after an assessment we feel you do not need a necklift, we have many other options that are less invasive and we will let you know if you are a suitable candidate for these/ alternatives. These include Ultherapy, Morpheus8, and FaceTite.
  • Rapid remote assessment. Many of our patients choose to start their neck lift journey by getting a free assessment. Just connect on MeTime from your phone by clicking this link. Our doctor will contact you through the app to discuss what will be best for you!
  • Easy payment plans with out partner Humm

Dublin, IE

Unbelievably amazing doctor and staff. I had a facelift 2 months ago. The result is fabulous. I am so happy. I’d highly recommend Venus Medical



  • Gold standard procedure to remove jowls and give a more youthful shape to your face
  • Can be combined with neck lift and other facial procedures
  • Expertly performed, removes the sagging appearance by tightening the underlying muscle and trimming excess skin.
  • Even though the aging process continues, the effects can last over 10 years
  • With proper technique, scars should be imperceptible so you can wear your hair back
  • Suitable for women and men who don’t want general anaesthesia but want to have a youthful shape to their face without changing their fundamental appearance.
  • Each procedure is personalised to meet your needs and expectations. Procedures such as brow lift and lip lift can be performed together or later to enhance the results of facelift surgery.

Ideal candidate for facelift

If you want to get the best results for a tighter jawline, remove sagging skin and reverse the signs of aging, a face lift may be right for you. If you would like to get a free remote assessment and submit photos, you can do that right from your mobile phone using MeTime. One of our doctors will respond typically within 2 hours.

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Frequently asked questions

We have over 18 years experience doing thread lifts and pioneered the one stitch face lift in Ireland. However, if you want your neck lift to have the best results and last a long time, you should discuss with your surgeon whether a minimally invasive option or a more comprehensive approach is right for you. The aging process and environmental conditions lead to deterioration in skin quality, sagging soft tissues and visible muscle bands. Thread lifts do not address loose muscles, fat, and sundamaged skin; so they are not right for everyone.

If the skin is very loose, the best treatment is to make an incision, lift the tissues, and trim away all of the excess skin near the hairline. This is frequently performed with a lower rhytidectomy (face lift) but can be performed on its own if the lower face is not sagging. If you’re not keen on a surgical procedure, we can discuss with you our several non-surgical options for treating skin relaxation.

Based on your medical history and examination, we will determine suitability for a neck lift. not everyone is a suitable candidate. For example, if you have high blood pressure, this must be controlled before surgery. You must stop smoking for at least two months before surgery if you do smoke. We also cannot perform necklift surgery if you take blood thinning medication.

This depends on what kind of technique is used. We frequently see patients who have had a neck lift elsewhere where the central neck has not been addressed. The central neck bands tend to reappear quickly if the muscle is not suspended properly. This is one of the cardinal signs of aging tissues in the neck. When done properly a facelift and neck lift should not need to be repeated for many years after the procedure.

The face and neck are usually treated together to get a harmonious and natural-looking result. The cost depends on the type of neck lift and whether it is performed together with a lower rhytidectomy. Although a simple procedure that removes excess skin only can improve your appearance temporarily, the signs of aging such as heaviness and wrinkles are likely to return and require further treatments. The exact price can be determined following a consultation with our surgeons when we decide what will meet or exceed your expectations. An initial estimate can be provided during a remote assessment on the MeTime app.

We usually don’t recommend just lifting the neck without tightening the lower face too–although in some instances it is possible and reasonable. A facelift reverses aging signs in the jowls and gives a more natural looking final result. In some younger people, an incision under the chin only is enough to remove fat through suction and tighten the muscles. We sometimes VASER liposuction alone to treat a double chin, particularly when the neck skin is not very wrinkled or loose.

Yes in some cases it is possible to combine a neck lift with procedures in the upper face such as eyelid surgery or a brow lift. This combination approach gives dramatic results. We also often restore volume in the midface or add structural support to the outer angle of the jaw bone with fat grafting. You can discuss your wishes with our consultant plastic surgeon and we will advise you on what is possible, always keeping safety our number one priority. All procedures are performed under local anaesthesia.

The operation takes a couple of hours. We will apply a compression bandage to ensure there is minimal swelling and bruising for the first few days and to keep the healing wound clean. The garment will feel tight but it is important that it stays in place. Certain medications including antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed, although many patients require only simple painkillers after 2-3 days. You will return to the clinic for aftercare and have 24-hour access to our medical team should you have any concerns or questions following your neck lift. Although the visible signs of surgery disappear quickly, we have lasers for red scars and other treatments that can accelerate healing when required. The recovery time is usually about two weeks. Stitches under the chin are removed after a week but the stitches behind the ear are dissolvable. Drains are rarely necessary, but if one has been placed, this is removed when it has stopped draining, typically after 24-48 hours.

Once the numbing fluid is injected, which takes less than five minutes, the procedure is completely painless. You will feel relaxed and many people snooze throughout the procedure. We have lots of experience performing surgery under local anaesthesia and despite the fact that this is a proper surgical neck lift, it is usually less uncomfortable that minimally invasive skin tightening procedures that use radiofrequency or ultrasound to heat the skin.