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FaceTite: Lifting the Jowls and Neck Skin Without Stitches

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is an exciting procedure that tightens and lifts the lower face and neck without the need for full surgery—or even stitches! It is a minimally invasive treatment that is performed by our doctors and surgeons under local anaesthesia, taking just an hour to complete.

FaceTite has the following benefits:

  • Treats loose skin and sagging in the lower face and neck
  • No surgery. FaceTite involves heating subcutaneous tissues without cutting
  • Improves jawline definition and skin laxity under the chin
  • Minimally invasive, walk-in walk-out treatment under local anesthesia
  • Only one treatment required. Powerful skin contraction with special RF probes
  • Minimally invasive alternative to a surgical face and neck lift

What happens during the FaceTite procedure

Central neck approach-venus-medical


The treatment area is carefully marked during the planning. We usually treat the lower face, jowls, jawline, submental area under the chin, and neck.

Local anaesthesia Venus Medical


Local anaesthesia is administered through small puncture holes. The entire treatment zone feels numb in a couple of minutes.

Tissue release-venus-medical


The special FaceTite probes release radiofrequency energy until adequate heating under the skin is achieved. This triggers collagen production and subsequent contraction of saggy skin.

Zero tension for invisible scars-venus-medical


If fat removal in the jowls or under the chin is necessary, we perform radiofrequency assisted liposuction to clear unwanted fat cells and further enhance the result

Aftercare and downtime after FaceTite

We apply a compression garment immediately after the FaceTite treatment to help reduce swelling and facilitate skin tightening over the first few weeks. Don’t worry though, the garment is only worn 24/7 for the first 3-5 days! We prescribe antibiotics as part of our post procedure care regimen to prevent infection. Overall, compared to cosmetic surgery, there is minimal downtime with FaceTite.

Is FaceTite at Venus Medical the right choice for me?

We have the most experience in Ireland performing this advanced minimally invasive procedure for tightening the face and neck, but we also have lots of experience performing other procedures including Ultherapy, Morpheus8, the One-Stitch Facelift, Short Scar Facelifts as well as full Face and Neck Lifts. As such, we will go through all of your options and advise what will be best for you. During the assessment, we take into consideration your age, skin quality, presence of fat cells, neck skin quality and turkey neck bands. We may recommend other cosmetic treatments or a combination approach. For patients with full necks or fatty tissues that need to be reduced, we frequently combine radio frequency assisted liposuction with VASER which is a gentle liposuction using ultrasound. If you’re unsure and want us to guide you, you can avail of a free remote assessment on MeTime by recording a video and describing what bothers you.

Dublin, IE

Unbelievably amazing doctor and staff. I had a facelift 2 months ago. The result is fabulous. I am so happy. I’d highly recommend Venus Medical


Ideal candidate for facelift

If you want to get the best results for a tighter jawline, remove sagging skin and reverse the signs of aging, a face lift may be right for you. If you would like to get a free remote assessment and submit photos, you can do that right from your mobile phone using MeTime. One of our doctors will respond typically within 2 hours.

Ideal candidate for facelift

Face lift surgery is not a small thing.  You want the best plastic surgeon for you: one who listens to exactly what you want, discusses all your options and explains the aftercare and what to expect. The best face lift clinic is a clinic that can show you before and after photo examples of their work, plastic surgery reviews and sees you regularly to ensure the best outcome. You want to see a board certified plastic surgeon who does lots of facelift procedures, not just one or two per month.

At our award-winning clinic in Dublin, our surgeons will explain all of your options and the differences between a nonsurgical face lift, one stitch face lift, mini face lift and a full face lift. Call us today, book online, or submit photos for a preliminary assessment and we look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful result if you do decide to go ahead.

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Frequently asked questions

FaceTite uses special radiofrequency probes to heat underneath the skin.  This causes the skin areas treated to respond by remodeling and tightening over time. It’s almost like ironing the skin from the inside.  Special thermostats prevent the outer layers from overheating.

A traditional face lift is still the gold standard for repositioning the deeper layers in the face and tightening the neck muscles.  If you’re looking for a dramatic improvement, you can speak to our plastic surgeons about a SMAS face lift and platysmaplasty (neck lift) which we also perform under local anaesthesia.

FaceTite does tighten the skin in the jowls area.  If there is more fullness in the jowls, we often employ VASER to melt fat in this area to further reduce the appearance of jowls.  FaceTite is one of the best minimally invasive procedures because it addresses the lower face and neck and can be used to both tighten skin and remove excess fat if required.  It’s essentially a minimally invasive combination treatment that sculpts and tightens.

During the healing, there will be some swelling and sometimes bruising.  This is normal.  Some numbness and firmness or lumpiness are possible along the jawline and under the chin as the tissues remodel.  Other complications like infection, irregularities or nerve damage are rare. 

We use FaceTite primarily to address lax skin.  The heating probes can reduce fat cells under the skin and this is the reason why we use it to tighten the lower face and neck and not the midface.  If fat reduction is not desirable, we do not perform liposuction after heating the skin in order to optimise skin tightening and minimise fat coagulation. Other cosmetic treatments can be performed at the same time as FaceTite as part of our advanced facial contouring approach.  These include buccal fat removal and cheek enhancement with fillers or fat grafting.

You can return to your normal activities after about 5-7 days.  We suggest waiting for swelling to resolve completely before having massage and beauty facials.  However, manual lymphatic drainage is a good idea if you wish to accelerate healing. Although you may receive compliments in a matter of weeks, expect final results to emerge at about six months when skin remodeling has completed!

Although beauty facials are wonderful, we usually prefer to maintain results and prevent lax skin in a clinical environment with treatments such as radiofrequency skin tightening and radiofrequency needling (Morpheus8).  Our Everyderm programme is a revolutionary maintenance skin programme that addresses all the signs of skin aging.