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Venus Medical - Renewing Peel


The world’s favourite facial is now on Everyderm! Start your Everyderm experience with a cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction. Feel the thorough Hydrafacial tips gently resurface your skin and infuse antioxidant and hydrating serums, leaving your skin glowingAdd a booster +€50/treatment

Venus Medical - Power Peel


A relaxing facial that instantly smooths the skin by removing dead skin cells and nourishing the epidermis. After double cleansing, Silkpeel exfoliates the skin using diamond-tipped abrasion. Manual lymphatic drainage and massage improves blood supply and drains toxins. Stimulating LED therapy completes the Ultimate Facial to leave you instantly radiant with zero downtime.

Venus Medical - Laser Resurfacing

Clear Complexion VBeam

Sophisticated laser technology to reduce brown spots and facial redness, eliminate blood vessels and reduce inflammation. The pulsed-dye laser targets active acne, rosacea, and sun damage, and can also be used for clearing portwine stains. VBeam clears your skin complexion over the course of treatments.

Venus Medical - Lipokontur

Collagen Boosting Kontur MD

Helps tighten loose skin on the face and neck, boosts collagen production and improves jawline definition over time. Using multipolar radiofrequency, Kontur MD induces deep volumetric heating of tissues to improve circulation and remodel collagen for better texture and tone.

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Dracula Therapy® (PRP)


Not just any microneedling, SkinPen Precision is an industry leading technology that creates millions of tiny channels in the epidermis and dermis at predetermined depths to remodel collagen. Used to improve skin texture, tighten pores, and even reduce acne scarring, SkinPen produces maximum results with minimal downtime.

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