Younger skin without surgery

There is only so much “off the shelf” products can do for your skin. Unfortunately they do little to repair sun damaged skin, lift, or tighten it too. The ​key to staying fresh and youthful looking is to maintain good health with a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, with aging comes a natural deterioration in the quality and texture of skin.  In addition, volume loss and laxity in the jowls and neck occurs as a natural part of aging.

Women spend millions a year on moisturisers, anti-aging serums and other skin care products in order to try to get that youthful glow back or tighten skin. With most of the products on the market at the moment, results don’t last or even have any effect at all. It leaves many despairing about the quality or condition of their skin or early sagging in the lower face and neck.

Thankfully there are many non invasive ways in which women and men can restore their youthful skin and contours without having to go under the knife and incur weeks of downtime. Here at ​Venus Medical we have an array of minimally invasive procedures that help women and men get their youthful radiance back with instant and longer lasting results.

One Stitch Facelift

When people think of a “facelift” they think of going under the knife for a serious surgery with a long recovery time. This is not the case at Venus Medical. The ​One Stitch Facelift​ is the revolutionary facelift and neck lift alternative, which firms, enhances, contours, and rejuvenates. The beautiful results produced are transformational yet extremely natural-looking.

With the One Stitch Facelift, only relaxing tablets are required before treatment, since it is performed under local anaesthesia, completely avoiding any risks associated with intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia. Not only is this remarkably safe, it also allows you to recover quickly, without the need for hospitalization. Our One Stitch Facelift was featured on the RTE 2 Body Shopping Documentary – ​Check it out here​.

Anti Wrinkle Injections and Hyaluronic Fillers

The best treatments for wrinkles and lines in the face are ​muscle-relaxing injections and hyaluronic acid fillers​. They are also the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. In expert hands, these treatments are safe and powerful, offering beautiful results with only a few quick injections. Hyaluronic acid is a natural, clear gel substance found in the skin, joints and eyes. As a natural substance, it is preferred over permanent fillers due to its safety. If you’ve used creams, serums or potions to get rid of lines and wrinkles, you’ll know that they are not particularly effective at doing so. This is mainly because over time fat is depleted under the skin which can result in sagging therefore causing more wrinkles. Also skin that is damaged over long periods by sun or smoking cannot be treated with just creams and serums, anti wrinkle injections are the best option for repairing and rejuvenating damaged skin to get that youthful glow back.

Fat Transfer To Face

Fat transfer​ is an advanced and revolutionary means of facial rejuvenation. Fat is taken from an area of the body where there is excess, and gently injected into different regions of the face to plump, contour and enhance. Since your own fat is used, it is natural, soft and without risk of allergic reaction. Using a combination of skill and artistic techniques we can restore youthful contours with the ability to make patients look years younger.

VBeam Laser

There is no better treatment for reducing skin redness than the ​VBeam laser​. VBeam is an excellent vascular laser treatment, superior to IPL for treating vascular conditions and redness. The beams specifically target only the red pigment in blood, haemoglobin, and the surrounding skin remains unaffected. This makes it an ideal, targeted treatment for port wine stains, acne, rosacea and telangiectasia. The best thing about VBeam laser is that there is minimal downtime. The laser was designed to minimise bruising. Often patients will see their skin return to normal just a couple of hours after treatment.

If you are looking for non surgical options to improve the overall quality of your skin then book an appointment with ​Dr Prendergast​ at ​Venus Medical​. Dr Prendergast has years of extensive experience in all the treatments listed above.

8 tips to make your skin look younger

8 tips to make your skin look younger

We all want to look and feel our best and having healthy younger looking skin is part of that. Your skin is a reflection of your lifestyle and mind. It’s what can make you look 10 years younger or 10 years older. We’ve come up with 8 simple tips on how you can make your skin look younger.

1. Hydration

In order to keep your skin looking radiant and fresh it needs to be hydrated. It’s recommended that humans consume at least 2 litres of water every day. Depriving your skin of water can lead to dry and damaged skin which in turn will have a long term impact on your skin. Carry a water bottle with you daily to make sure you are hitting your required water intake.

2. Balanced Diet

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat” and this is very true when it comes to your skin. If your eating greasy takeaways and fattening foods then it’s going to have an adverse affect on your skin. It will cause your skin to break out in blemishes and spots which again will damage your skin in the long term. Watching what you eat can have a major effect on the radiance of your skin. Eating lean proteins, vegetables and good fats will provide your skin with the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Increase your intake of fresh fruit as these are a great source of vitamins and up your vegetables which will help maintain your skin’s glow. IV drips are another great alternative to getting the right vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

3. Skin Care Routine

Having a good skin care routine will ensure your skin is rid of impurities and properly moisturised. It’s important to cleanse your skin regularly to clean and remove any dirt or gunk that may block your pores which will result in blackheads. Your skin needs to be looked after daily so be sure to give it the care it needs to be cleansed and has time to breathe. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

4. Sun Protection

Sun damaged skin is a real thing and even during cloudy days your skin can still be damaged from harmful UV rays. Ensure you are using sunscreen on holiday or during sunny days with a sufficient SPF level. Use cosmetics as well that have SPF protection in them as this will increase your overall protection. By protecting your skin from the sun it will prevent early wrinkles and reduce your risk of skin cancer. Ensure to reapply sun protection when necessary and reduce your exposure to sun

5. Rest

Your body isn’t a 24/7 machine. It needs to rest and regenerate its energy. Get plenty of rest and ensure you have a healthy sleeping schedule. It will ensure your skin isn’t dull and sullen. The best cure for this is a good night’s sleep. It’s recommended that the average human needs between 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep a night. There are many apps you can use on your smartphone to ensure you are getting your required sleep.

6. Moisturization

Use a good moisturiser for your skin to help boost your skin’s cells and improve overall hydration for the skin. Apply moisturiser when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Be sure to pick out a moisturiser best suited for your skin. If you have sensitive skin try to avoid ones with alcohol in them as this may irritate and inflame your skin. Use different moisturisers for different parts of your skin and face to ensure optimal results.

7. Makeup Removal

Your skin and pores need air to breath. Having makeup on your face or fake tan on your body is like smothering your skin with a pillow. Give your skin a chance to breathe when you’re not at work or out and about. Remove all your makeup and fake tan before going to bed at night. This will help air your skin and improve the overall quality of your skin.

8. Stress

It’s a well known fact that stress can lead to worn out looking skin and grey hair. Take time out of your day to relax and unwind. It will do wonders for your skin and body to loosen all tension and strain caused by stress. Indulge in facials and spa treatments.

At Venus Medical our ethos is to provide safe, effective, procedures using our pioneering techniques and the most advanced technology available.

We pride ourselves on being the leading aesthetic clinic in the country for over a decade, with thousands of happy patients experiencing our expert, caring approach to feeling and looking great. We were the first clinic to bring many ground-breaking procedures to the Irish market and are constantly adapting, investing, and improving to bring the best results for our patients, safely.

If you’re unhappy with the way your skin looks and want to make a difference there are many non invasive treatments at Venus Medical you can avail of to improve your overall skin quality. Contact us below to arrange a consultation with Dr Prendergast who will be able to recommend what treatments will help your skin.