Hyperhidrosis Month

This November, Ireland’s premier Aesthetic Clinic founded and led by Clinical Director, Dr Peter Prendergast, is turning the spotlight onto the issue of Excessive Sweating as its *National Hyperhidrosis Month to educate GPs and the wider public alike about this debilitating condition which affects **4.8% of the Irish population and causes often five times the ‘normal’ reaction to temperature or stress.  

“I find it staggering that there are 220,000 plus people in Ireland today suffering with this condition, mostly in silence or taking drug therapies which can have serious side effects. At Venus Medical, I launched a new technology, the first clinic in Ireland to do so, that eliminates excessive armpit sweat. This means that you no longer need to take medication to manage the condition.  I treated patients for years with botulinum toxin injections. These are effective but have short-lived results. miraDry technology has revolutionised the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis in my practice, ” said Dr Peter Prendergast. 

The new non-surgical treatment called miraDry is FDA cleared and uses thermal energy to create heat in the area where the sweat glands reside and safely eliminates them. The treatment can permanently reduce underarm sweat by an average of 82% but does not affect the body’s ability to cool itself as it targets and destroys only the sweat glands in the underarms which represent only 2% of the body’s total. This makes this treatment immediate, safe and highly effective.

The miraDry device uses microwave energy to destroy the sweat glands with the treatment itself taking approx one hour. Microwave energy used in this way causes a process known as selective interference at the subdermal layer, effectively destroying apocrine and eccrine sweat glands. 

Firstly, there is a consultation with Dr Prendergast where he will provide a prescription for antibiotics to be taken ahead of the appointment. Then, on the day of the treatment, the area to be treated is numbed and then the device is placed in position. There is no down time with this treatment and a patient can return to normal daily, gentle activities. Usually  a second treatment is advised after three months for a permanent reduction in sweating that can be life-changing for many patients.

Dr Prendergast comments,”Since having miraDry, we have treated 115 patients and measured patient satisfaction based on before and after treatment using the Hyperhidrosis Disease Severity Scale (HDSS). We have had a 98% satisfaction rate with 70% requiring two treatments, 20% requiring one treatment and 10% requiring three treatments. 

This is life changing for my patients and I would encourage more awareness so that people know the choices they have open to them.”

miraDry, available first in Ireland at Venus Medical, from €1,900 

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For more info/interview with Dr Peter Prendergast,

Please contact: Venus Medical on 01 296 4747

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