Best Lip Fillers In Dublin

As we enter the party season, one of Venus Medical’s most popular treatments is Lip Enhancement and most of our patients are surprised and delighted to find out that Dr Prendergast, our clinical lead and internationally renowned cosmetic doctor, has perfected the art of the  zero-pain lip filler. So if you’re looking for the best lip fillers in Dublin, for a painless, perfect pout, look no further than Venus Medical. With Dr Prendergast’s individual attention he will tailor the treatment to give you both the best results and the most comfortable experience.

How to Get Lip Fillers That Don’t Hurt

Firstly, make an Appointment to see Dr Prendergast at Venus Medical as unlike many other clinics, he is a doctor who has dedicated his entire career to aesthetic medicine and performs cosmetic procedures every day. clinically trained cosmetic doctor and He has been performing lip filler treatment for 15  years and understands the artistry involved in creating perfectly balanced, proportioned and natural looking lips. Before committing, he can show you on 3D imaging how you will look before proceeding. Treatment time is approx 30 minutes which includes nerve blocks – which is significantly more effective than numbing cream, used by many other clinics in Ireland. 

How Does Venus Medical’s Pain-Free Lip Fillers Work?

Dr Prendergast’s Lip Enhancement treatment is much more advanced than the lip injections that you might have researched; 

Firstly, Venus Medical Lip Enhancement is a painless Lip Filler treatment that perfects the shape, contour and volume of the lips.

With Venus Medical you are guaranteed the most pain free lip enhancement treatment.

For that reason, patients consistently say Venus Medical offers the best lip fillers in Ireland for a painless, perfect pout!

Do Best Lip Fillers in Dublin Look Natural or Glam?

In short: What look do you want?

Above all, Dr Prendergast at Venus Medical caters for every age group and aesthetic goal. 

Most important is that your best lip fillers in Dublin, without pain, will always be bespoke for you. Because everyone has their own concerns and aesthetic goals.  

What to Expect From Lip Enhancement

Of course many patients in Dublin want to know will the Lip Filler treatment address their specific lip concerns. However, that is exactly what Dr Prendergast’s consultation and then Lip Filler treatment delivers. He will deliver; 

  • a natural-look boost or more dramatic fullness
  • improved definition of lip lines/lip borders
  • more symmetrical top and bottom lips
  • enhanced volume and plumpness
  • elimination of uneven lip lines
  • a perfected profile
  • removal of creases across surface of lips
  • lifting the mouth corners to enhance mouth shape

Dublin’s Pain-Free Lip Fillers – Timings

In summary, Venus Medical’s lip fillers are pain-free and take only a few minutes to administer in our Dublin clinic. Afterward, you will see results immediately. Finally, you can expect your perfect pout to last from six to nine months and look very natural.

How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost at Venus Medical?

As well as giving you the best lip fillers in Dublin for a painless, perfect pout, we also want to make payment painless too. Instead of paying by the ‘unit’ (milliliter/ml), as is standard with other providers, Venus Medical treatments are flat priced at €450. Rather than worrying about paying by the measurement, you can be confident of getting the best result. Shopping for cheap lip fillers is false economy and can be dangerous.  Dr Prendergast frequently has to deal with problems after women have had cheap lip fillers elsewhere.

How to Book the Best Lip Fillers in Dublin for a Painless, Perfect Pout!

We offer several ways to book your treatments with Dr Prendergast at Venus Medical; 

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