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Goodbye, Birthmarks: V Beam Perfecta’s FDA-Approved Effect on Port-Wine Stain


Some birthmarks fade with time; others become more pronounced. Port wine stain unfortunately tend to worsen, as blood flow through them becomes sluggish- an effect which surely caused distress for sufferers of past generations. Thankfully, revolutionary advancements in the medical aesthetic field has resulted in pigment-specific lasers which focus in on certain skin discolouration. The V Beam Perfecta is an FDA-approved, gentle laser that treats afflictions like port wine stain, improving patients’ quality of life.

V Beam Perfecta features an innovative, extended pulse duration which dramatically enhances its efficacy compared to other vascular lasers; the longer period of time is also the key to its suitability for those with low pain thresholds.



pot wine stain removal



Many patients with port wine stains come to us with a history of expensive, heavy-duty concealer use and lowered self-confidence. Post-treatment, they are delighted by the vast improvements in the birthmark’s appearance.

As an additional advantage, non-ablative lasers (lasers that heat, but less aggressively) have a targeted action with very low downtime, making them a valuable option for our busy patients.

Call Venus Medical for a consultation with Dr. Prendergast and begin the process of healing your birthmark with V Beam Perfecta.

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