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What is Designer Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to create a more aesthetically balanced shape and look to the inner lips or labia minora of the vagina.


The labia minora naturally come in varying shapes and sizes. However, a minority of women are born with abnormally large or ill-shaped labia minora, which causes many taboo predicaments; friction and irritation from fabrics, discomfort and embarrassment during intimate moments, and create limitations with exercise options. Childbirth can also permanently alter the labia minora. Therfore, many women are at the mercy of nature, having to deal with a difficult and often unspoken complex. For others, the desire to achieve a more pleasant-looking genital region is the sole driving force behind this procedure, which is growing in popularity each year. The Designer Labiaplasty procedure affords women choice, the power to amend a body part they have previously been umable to.


At Venus Medical, a Designer Labiaplasty candidate is treated with respect and courtesy from day one, from a specialist team consisting of clinic advisors, educated nurses, and a doctor an exceptional eye for balance. The aim and end result will always be a natural appearance that totally preserves the anatomical and structural integrity of this delicate area. The initial consultation will take place in our beautiful clinic, where we offer genuine understanding and impartial support for the woman seeking information on this sensitive, private issue.

What does the surgery involve?

This procedure requires local anaesthetic and you will be fully informed on the process, incision placements, recovery and risks during the first consultation.

Designer Labiaplasty is known by a range of synonyms: Labia reduction, inner lip reduction, labia minora reduction, surgical vaginal rejuvenation, vagina reduction, vaginaplasty, vaginoplasty or even designer vagina.

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