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Breast Reduction


Should I consider Breast Reduction surgery?

Many women find that large, heavy breasts can cause terrible backache and other physical problems. There are psychological issues as well which include a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Some women find that they are subject to unwanted attention or comments about their appearance.

Myriad studies have suggested that macromastia (large breasts) has a substantial negative impact on health-related quality of life, self-esteem, physical symptoms and even eating behaviors. Some breast reduction cases are deemed ineligible for coverage by medical insurance; this brings many unhappy women to Venus Medical, where they can solve the problem.


What happens during the procedure?

The surgery itself involves removing breast tissue, fat and skin. The remaining underlying tissues and nipples are then moved to a higher location. The skin from both sides of each breast is moved down and around the areola. This gives the breast a new smaller contour. There are several breast reduction techniques which all help to reshape the breasts.


What does the recovery period entail?

Following the breast reduction surgery it is perfectly normal to feel tired, and drained. Surgery is a stressful situation and this is an entirely normal reaction. It helps if you have someone around to help during this time as your mobility will be limited.

Allow your body to heal. Do not undertake anything strenuous or that requires you to bend or stretch. You will be spending a great deal of time watching television, lying in bed or resting on the sofa. You will not feel like going out. The only time you will go out is to attend your follow up appointments.

Keep the surgical wounds around the breasts as clean as possible as this will help to prevent infection. However, avoid having a bath or submerging the entire wounds under water until they are fully healed. Recovery will be discussed thoroughly during your consultation at Venus Medical.


How much does it cost?

Please call 0112962747 for details, and any other queries about breast reduction.


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