Male Breast Reduction

Gynaecomastia (enlarged male breasts) represents a significant cause of embarrassment and social inhibition for many men.  Although there are a number of known causes of enlarged male breasts, or gynaecomastia, most cases are not associated with underlying medical problems.   Although there are extremely safe and effective treatments available for male breast reduction, many are unaware of the options, or are unwilling to undergo or explore a procedure that involves invasive surgery or general anaesthesia.  At Venus Medical, Dr Prendergast uses an extremely safe form of local anaesthesia--tumescent anaesthesia--and advanced VASER ultrasound technology to efficiently remove male breast tissue, allowing you to return home the same day, and back to work within a couple of days.  The remarkable results are visible within days.




My Venus experience has been fantastic. The skill and sensitiv...Karen Mc Donnell